New to Rail?  Well, good news is it’s almost impossible to get lost when using it – Metro Rail runs from UB South Campus all the way to Canalside and The First Niagara Center – it never veers off of Main Street!  Worried about time?  It only takes 12 minutes to get from South Campus to Downtown.  So, if your destination is near Main Street, Go Underground.
Learn how to use the Metro Rail System

Destinations near Metro Rail

You’d be surprised by how many destinations are within walking distance of Main Street.  Heading to UB?  Downtown?  The Medical Campus?  The Zoo?  Skip the parking fees and Incorporate Metro Rail into your trip.  Use the Trip Planner to see if you can get there by Metro!



Not going near Main Street?  The NFTA also has an extensive bus system with lines on almost every major street that run roughly every 15 minutes during peak hours.
Learn how to use the Metro Bus System

Getting There by Metro Rail and Bus

Google Trip Planner:  Public transit in Buffalo is now much more user friendly:  Skip the headaches of figuring out what bus to take and what time to take it and let Google do all the work for you! With Google’s Trip Planner, you just have to type in your start point, end point and beginning time and Google will tell you what bus/train will take you to your destination, where to catch it, when it will be there, and how long it will take you to get where you’re going.  It does all the work for you!  Click here to start planning.

Park n Ride Lots:  Coming from the North?  Drive to the free Park n Ride lots at University and LaSalle Stations and hop on Metro Rail.  In addition to Metro Rail Park n Ride lots, the NFTA also offers many free lots across WNY where you can drive to and hop on a bus.  Click here to see where all the Park n Rides are located.

Bike:  Get to a Metro Rail station more quickly by biking there.  There are bike racks at all stations, and there will soon be secure and dry bike storage facilities at University, LaSalle and Allen Stations.  You can also take your bike on the Train, and continue your journey by bike once you get off.

Bikes are not allowed on buses, but some buses have bike racks on the front of them. By the end of the year, the NFTA expects to have bike racks on ALL buses.  Contact the NFTA to learn more about what they are doing to make buses more bike friendly.

CarShare:  Need a car?  Buffalo CarShare vehicles are located along major bus routes and at Allen, Delavan and University Stations.  Find a location near you by clicking here.

Education and Resources

Central Buffalo Transportation Map:  Download a map of Central Buffalo (West Side, Downtown, near East Side) that shows what transit lines can get you to your destination, Go Bike Rack locations, and CarShare hubs.